Weight Management

SIZE ZERO, as flaunted by many Bollywood actresses, has become an obsession for many in India. This phenomenon has also held the rest of the world captive, for many decades.

But does a flat tummy mean a healthy constitution? Health experts disagree.
For a sound and healthy body and mind, the right amount of exercise and a balanced diet are the best solutions.


Obesity is a reality in our world, not just for adults but also teenagers and kids. Excess accumulation of fats due to wrong eating habits and lack of physical activity in our personal and professional lives leads to Obesity. Obesity leads to many associated health disorders, many of which become irreversible.


If you have ever tried to lose weight, then you probably already know that “QUICK-FIX DIETS” give you dramatic and drastic results. But the moment you abandon them, the flab is back to haunt you. Any pills that a dietician might suggest bring about hormonal changes and can even be harmful.


If you want weight control without any side effects, Yoga is your best option. It won’t make you anorexic. Instead it will only streamline your metabolism thereby keeping away the extra flab. Apart from this yoga makes one overcome from anxiety which is the major reason for overeating.


Practice Asanas specifically meant for weight reduction
Regular Surya Namaskara is very helpful in weight reduction.
Follow simple rules of eating healthy and keeping your meal fat-free.
Pursue Yoga practises which help in cleansing the body under the guidance of your Teacher. They also help immensely in weight reduction.
Maintain a time difference of 4 hours two major meals.


Do not snack on junk food and carbonated drinks.
Do not eat at irregular timings or at irregular intervals.
Do not consume anything between two major meals.
Do not miss your regular dose of Yoga.